Thursday, January 30, 2014

Minion Rush Hack - Despicable You Hacking Minion Rush

Welcome to minion rush hack, the hack where you the user can get free bananas, tokens and more! Sounds cheesy huh? I bet you didn't know that it was possible though. The hack is Called Minion Rush hack, fitting huh?

PC Version
Well to tell you the truth this is not a real hack, per say. It is a software that utilizes exploits with-in the game itself so the user can, and ends up being able to "hack" the game as he wishes. The whole reason you can do this is because of the hack that was created in the website verallohacks. The creators stress using the hack once a day, but not everyone follows that advice although we will tell you, that its better to use it once because otherwise the exploit will soon become patched. Of course there is always the train of thought, "you got to get it while its good" so some of you might end up using the hack various times a day.

There is a rumor online saying that the hack will be moved online for use for everyone because as of right now mac and linux users can't use the downloadable app. This for me seems like a wise decision as most users are afraid to download something to their computers they don't trust. The hack has been scanned before through virustotal, I will put up the link later. It is safe.

Mobile Version
So for those of you looking to hack minion rush and unlock all those goodies or up your score, you can and it has been proven.

Minion Rush Hack allows the following:

  • Banana generating
  • Token generating
  • Golden banana
  • Golden shield.
There are two types of hacks that you can use those are the minion rush hack app, and the minion rush hack for your pc. Which is my personal favorite although you have to tether your device, it can be used for both android, and ios.

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